March 5, 2019
Spring Cleaning for your Marketing Communications Campaigns
Seven Tips for Tidying Up Your Outreach

It’s that time of year—time to purge and reorganize. But it’s not just your home that can benefit from some deep cleaning. Your marketing communications outreach efforts can profit from a good scrub as well. Here are seven tidy-up tips to consider...

1. Site Audit
  When is the last time you took stock of what is on your website, microsite or newsroom? Is there stale content? Do you have exciting new initiatives that haven’t been added? A simple site audit is a good way to review your site so you can align your digital hub with your current priorities.
2. Content Silo Deconstruction
  The most efficient way to create, rebrand, and reshare content is to review your assets with an eye to what can be update and reused ... and by “your” content, we mean the entire organization’s. A common challenge we see when it comes to content, is organizational silos stopping one team from benefiting from another team’s content. Try hosting a meeting with all content creators. Have them bring updated information on their current content and look for overlapping opportunities. You might find your cubical neighbor has some fabulous, evergreen content your initiatives would benefit from.
3. Branding Guidelines Update/Simplification
  Branding guidelines are essential when it comes to creating brand consistency in message, voice and aesthetics across platforms. But it’s worth taking a second look on an annual basis to ensure your guidelines still represent your goals and priorities. Revisit guidelines with ease of use in mind. Many organizations benefit from a scaled-down version of brand guidelines, a simple way to share palette, logo use, fonts, grid, images/illustrations – a one-pager with top line info is handy and more digestible for some stakeholders.
4. List Cleanse
  Is it time to purge folks from your email subscriber list? Take a moment to review the history of your list. Is there anyone on the list that should come off or whose email should be updated? (Think contacts leaving one job for another, and their subsequent new email addresses.) Browse your opt-outs to make sure they make sense. Sometimes, folks accidentally unsubscribe, so if your biggest supporter has suddenly opted out, now is a good time to reach out and see how they are and confirm that they want to continue to receive your mailings. Also, look for trends in delivery. Has an important prospect or group of prospects had a history of not opening your mailings? If so, you may want to take a moment to do some outreach and possibly help clients whitelist your IP address or domain. In addition, confirm that your new contacts have been added to the list. Keeping your list fresh and clean will help you make sure you’re reaching the folks you intend to!
5. Metrics Revise
  Metrics are a great way to gauge what your audience is, and isn’t, reacting too. But not all metrics are created equal. Maybe it’s time to review what you’re tracking, consider why the metrics you’re focused on matter, and delete/add metrics to ensure your tracking is feeding you the information that really matters.
6. Testing Assessment
  You have a process to test sites, emails, content, and every other asset you create before you share it, right? If not, now is the time. Even if you have long-standing practices, it doesnŐt hurt to review them with key staff and update processes. Don’t forget to double check things like staff contact names and phone numbers (the most common typos we see).
7. Social Amplification
  Now is a good time to consider your social media practices. Do you have a social ratio that governs the percentage of your social messages that are about your org versus the topics of your expertise? Does your editorial calendar reflect that ratio? Does the content you’re sharing convey the right message? Does it have the proper branding? Are you interacting? Just a few things to consider as you run an eye over your social practices.
Good luck with your cleaning. And as always, reach out if we can help.
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