June 4, 2019
Newsletter Do’s –
A Big, Fat List of Ideas

We’re huge fans of newsletters. (We’ve shared tips on crafting great newsletters here before.) Of all the kinds of content we create –  news releases, websites, infographics, and more – newsletters might be the most underrated.

In part, the value of newsletters is tied to the emotional connection people have with their own inboxes. Call it love or addiction, the inbox is where most of us organize our lives. So using the medium wisely is a must. Newsletters can shift the online relationship you craft with your audience from transaction to interactive, helping you grow a more emotional, and collaborative, connection.  
The best
provide value,
are audience appropriate,
and capture your brand personality.

The upshot is, as an outbound tactic, nothing beats a great newsletter. But what makes a great newsletter? Well, the best newsletters provide value, are audience appropriate, and capture your brand personality.

But coming up with useful, informative, interesting content on a regular basis can be a challenge. To help you conquer this task, the PWR team has come up with 25 ideas for your next newsletter.

1. Interview an expert – let your readers learn from the best.
2. Offer a free, downloadable ebook or whitepaper on a current topic of interest.
3. Collate valuable industry content into a handy list.
4. ID upcoming trends and share tips for plugging into what’s new in your industry.
5. Highlight your company and employee wins (as long as it’s of use to readers).
6. Offer sharable content—infographics, snackable graphics, visuals of quote—your audience can pass along to their networks.
7. Develop a handy checklist recipients can download and use.
8. Curate expert advice around one topic.
9. Offer suggested reading list of industry books and include key book reviews.
10. Share a timeline of industry and organizational history and changes.
11. Offer predictions on how your industry will change over next 10 years.
12. Answer reader questions, ‘Dear Abby’ style.
13. Compile a list of industry slang, jokes or quotes.
14. Create a calendar of upcoming webinars and events your audience might be interested in.
15. Share a story that exemplifies your organization, or a customer, overcoming a challenge relates to your business offering.
16. Curate a list of best blogs or Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest accounts to follow.
17. Create a behind-the-scenes video of the people in your organization who interact with your customers.
18. Write a listicle – 10 must do’s, 5 things to avoid, 25 topics, etc.
19. Get honest about your biggest failures and what you learned from them.
20. Invite your readers to share stories and/or images and feature them in future issues.
21. Share unexpected personal details about your team – favorite recipes, Spotify playlists, or Netflix series.
22. Offer a list of the things you wish you knew when you started in your business.
23. Focus on your values by telling stories that exemplify your company’s principles and personality.
24. Offer a sneak peek from something happening in your organization that’s not available to the public yet.
25. Share videos of your team telling industry specific jokes or using industry specific puns and poll your readers to find out their faves.

We hope this handy list gets the gray cells jumping. There are more ideas where these came from so reach out for thoughts or share what we missed.

Forty percent of B2B marketers say email newsletters are most critical to their content marketing success and 73% of millennials prefer business communication come via email.

Source: Hubspot
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