February 5, 2019
Five Feb Faves
This month, we wanted to highlight five tips, trends and topics we’re fond of, so cuddle up with that hot cup of coffee and check out some of team PWR’s favorites…
1. Design thinking is one of our favorite things. It helps us merge our creativity with the practical concerns of our clients. We wrote a whitepaper about it, and we think it’s worth sharing.

Design Thinking

2. We’re all about understanding the needs of the media so we can work with our clients to meet those needs and grow their coverage. Check out our latest journalist survey to learn what over 200 journalists told us about their communications, news release and social media preferences.

Journalists Speak Out

3. Visual storytelling works. But it’s not easy. To help think through the many small details that elevate a project, we’ve put together a visual storytelling checklist you can download and take for a spin.

Visual Storytelling Checklist

4. This blog post lays out our thoughts on brand storytelling—why we think it’s so importantalong with some tips on getting started. We believe it’s worth a read.

Thoughts on Brand Storytelling

5. We’re pretty dedicated email geeks, but even pros like us double check our work. To help out with that, we’ve created this handy email checklist.

PWR New Media's Email Checklist

We hope you’ve enjoyed our trip through some of PWR’s most effective bits of content. In the market for fresh info? Let us know what you want to learn more about and we’ll dig into new topics in future issues.

Think about changing the mantra from always be closing, to always be helping.

–Jonathan Lister
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