October 17, 2017
PWR Makeover Edition:
Beautifying Textual Info
Here at PWR, taking messages to the next level using visual storytelling techniques is what we call a good time…and a good idea. In this edition of PWR Makeover, we wanted to share examples of transforming textual content so it’s more accessible, visually engaging, and sharable.

The Axleson Center for Nonprofit Management at North Park University has some terrific advice for nonprofit execs, which they’ve boiled down into Seven Hallmarks. This content has a lot of value for their audience and it’s highly flexible for the organization.

To take it to the next level, PWR created an infographic with top line info about each hallmark the brand can share across platforms and in both print and digital assets. And, to make it more flexible, we also created seven bitesized versions for social platforms so they can easily zoom in on more targeted topics and have handy visual nuggets to accompany targeted info.

Infographic and Social Images

View Infographic | View Social Images

While some brands struggle with creating visual content, a little creativity often goes a long way. Consider combining quotes, stats or even call-to-action buttons into visually interesting images or illustrations. Think about employing data visualization, maps, charts, and graphs to communicate complex info; or, use animated timelines or flowcharts to make dry data sing.

While getting visual is more challenging for some brands than others, highlighting important messages with visual treatment is a great way to break through clutter. Need help? We’re always happy to jump into this kind of project—give us a holler.

PWR Make-over vol. 1
“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart. ”

— Joe Chernov
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