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August 30, 2016



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Orthopaedic PAC Establishes Futures Capitol Club

The Orthopaedic PAC Capitol Club was established in 2014 as a way for the AAOS PAC to recognize those individuals who have shown a strong commitment to advocacy. The Capitol Club has grown yearly since its inception but it has largely been unattainable for residents due to their monetary constraints. In an effort to help recognize those residents who have also shown a strong commitment to the PAC, the AAOS PAC Executive Committee has recently approved the Futures Capitol Club.  This club is exclusively for residents and will provide them with the same benefits bestowed upon members of the Capitol Club. Some of these benefits include:

  • Complimentary entry and drink tickets to the resident reception that will be held at the annual meeting in 2017;
  • A ribbon signifying Future Capitol Club participation at the annual meeting (and NOLC) in 2017;
  • A group picture with the PAC luncheon keynote speaker in 2017;
  • Invitation to Capitol Club events such as the reception at NOLC and similar events throughout the year;
  • Each individual's name will be listed in the PAC annual report, on the PAC website and at the PAC booth at the annual meeting.

Residents are eligible for inclusion into the Futures Capitol Club by meeting any of the following criteria:

  • $100 donation in one calendar year
  • $250 in total contributions during residency
  • Donation of any amount to the PAC for four years in a row during residency
  • A donation of $25 and a ‘grand rounds’ talk to your residency about advocacy
  • Coordinating the donations of at least 10 other residents from your program to the PAC (please contact us to set this up using our program-specific mobile donation platform)

Donations to the PAC can be made by sending the text ‘AAOS’ to 41444 and following the simple prompts for donation. They can also be made online at  Residents can also set up their own donation page for their residency program. Text ‘PAC’ to 71777 and click the ‘become a fundraiser link’ to get started. The fundraising ‘goal’ is set to $1,000 but can be adjusted as you see fit. Once it is set up, you will have a shareable online link that you can email or text to encourage involvement from your colleagues that will show real time results! The University of MD, Thomas Jefferson, UTMB, Penn and Cleveland Clinic have created pages and are already seeing results, and your program can too!

If you have any questions or would like more information about how to become involved in the AAOS PAC, please email us at