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  March 2015
Website Do’s: Making the Most of Your Brand’s Key Asset
In today's marketing climatewith the growth of visual storytelling and content creation and social media and lions and tigers and bearsbrands are called on to create and share more branded content than ever before. And given the fact that we're all bombarded with so much information, all the time and everywhere, ensuring your brand looks good and stands out from the clutter is a must.

But of all the various kinds of content brands produce—newsletters and annual reports and powerpoint presentations, oh my—for many brands, one assets stands at the top of the heap, communicating your branding and messaging more frequently, effectively and dynamically than other assets: your website.

Creating a new website can be a colossal task, with a multitude of paths to choose from and frequent competing priorities. Ending up with a product you’re proud of and that looks and functions in engaging ways is critical. Having swam these troubled waters many times, we’ve learned a few tricks to help make creating a site less painful and ensure you end up with your dream site.
Project Spotlight
spotlight Kalahari Resorts wanted to highlight their commitment to Africa with the media and had some great content to share. PWR created this Electronic Press Kit to give journalists easy access to high-demand, transferable assets such as video and images (and what great images they are!). Its an engaging way to package a story and make it truly media-friendly.

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Check out our Managing Partner, Malayna Evans Williams, share her thoughts on key to-do’s to keep in mind before you jump in.

In the mood for a spoiler alert?

Key take-aways are…

  • Organize intuitively and highlight calls-to-action
  • Looks count – make it look good
  • Incorporate engaging content and keep it fresh and multimedia and social friendly
  • Use appropriate and consistent brand voice (and incorporate keywords for SEO)
  • Be device sensitive
  • Check design and interactive elements
  • Timing matters so make sure you’re not forcing folks to wait too long to load pages and elements
  • Edit, edit, edit – a small, exceptional site is better than a big, boring one

We hope our tips help. If you want more help jumping into you site redesign, reach out anytime. We’re always happy to help.

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Did You Know?

News releases that include multimedia get 77% more response than plain text releases. So make sure to include images, video, infographics and more with your next release. Giving journalists easy access to transferable assets is definitely a media relations win!


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