Tactics for becoming a BBF (Best Brand Forever)
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  September 2014
Feeling the love online
Tactics for becoming a BBF (Best Brand Forever)
Forging emotional connections with your target audiences is marketing gold.  And given the public’s widespread enchantment with the digital world and its toys, the web is a great place to craft those connections. If you think about it, emotional connections are the reason we consume media in the first place: to make us laugh, or cry, or think, or even scream. And, hopefully, to get us buzzing about what we’ve experienced.

Sure we forget a lot more media experiences than we remember, but that begs the question: What is it that makes some brands’ online interactions resonant and memorable while others fall flat? And how can your brand continue to evolve and create relationships with audiences that produce lasting emotional connections—connections that are personal, relevant, and moving?
Project Spotlight
spotlight Sometimes a little animation is a great way to capture attention. Check out this email we designed and distributed for Chevy’s dealer group, using a very simple animation to highlight cars and deals. Simple animation works in most inboxes and is a great way to draw the eye in!

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A recent survey confirms that consumers have a limited number of brands with which they regularly interact (approximately five). They expect personalized, relevant, targeted, convenient and timely information from these brands and reward brands who meet these needs with loyalty, attention and an increased response to calls-to-action.

So to help you become a BBF (best brand forever), here are a few things to keep in mind for content creation, branding, channel distribution and messaging:

Be Relevant
Establish your brand as a category expert and build content creation strategies around that expertise. Then share this highly relevant content in targeted and personalized ways, ideally integrating your channels so behaviors are observed, understood and rewarded with relevant, targeted messaging.


Email is a terrifically flexible medium and today’s personalization must go
beyond “Dear %%FIRST NAME%%.” Consider emailing a triggered thank you and offer when an audience member tweets something positive about your brand.


Be Different
You won’t create online experiences that are memorable by doing what everyone else does. You must find ways to stand out and be noticed. It's good to know what the competition is up to, but your brand can do better. Treat every blog post, email, and tweet as if it really, truly matters. Giving it 150% every time means pushing further with your creativity, your knowledge of used mediums, and your understanding of your audience’s needs and preferences.


Information that is both visual and oral is more likely to be consumed and remembered. Consider creating a short illustrated video that is both informative and entertaining to share across platforms.


Be Authentic
Trust is the core of all relationships and your brand's relationship with its targeted audiences is no exception. Most consumers say that an existing relationship with a brand, based on trust, contributes to whether or not they pay attention to email and other messages. Building trust-centered relationships online is a lot like doing it in real life: Be honest, be considerate, and be your true self.


“Buy” messages are important for many brands, but don’t inundate your email subscribers and Facebook followers with deals and offers alone. Add heart-tugging informational or interactive messages to seal the bond, such as a relevant quiz or engaging motion-graphic about your brand's history, founders or product that incorporates a benefit for those who interact.


Be Loyal
Generating new business is important for most organizations, but it should never be more important than taking good care of the customers whose business you currently enjoy. Existing customers create revenue and, if well treated, other new customers.


Everyone has a birthday and capturing that information is as simple as adding it to your subscription questionnaire. Create an unforgettable birthday email (want to blow out some digital candles anyone?) that is date triggered just to thank subscribers for being a part of your brand.


We hope these ideas help you become a BBF and grow more evocative and meaningful emotional connections with your audiences. Remember, online relationships are just like the good relationships you enjoy in the real world: They benefit from good listening, care-taking and going the extra mile.


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