Three Surprisingly Successful Media Relations Tactics...
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  November 2014
Three Surprisingly Successful Media Relations Tactics
It’s fair to say, we’re News Release junkies here at PWR. We send a lot of highly branded releases directly to the inboxes of targeted reporters, loaded with multimedia and social elements. But as a creative shop, with innovative clients, we are always open to trying new media relations tactics. Recently, we’ve seen success with a few tactics that may surprise you.

Click here to view PWR’s Managing Partner, Malayna Evans Williams, discuss three surprising tactics we’re seeing work well with media relations projects. Or, for a spoiler alert, scroll down for a quick overview.

Project Spotlight
spotlight Making complex topics more palatable with good messaging and design is a
great way to tell your brand story. That's why the PWR team has been busy
conceptualizing, designing and distributing infographics. Check out this example PWR created for ACAAI, combining four topics into one readable graphic.

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Video Recap:

  1. Animated Elements: Driving eyeballs to key messages with strategically placed motion can help you capture attention, deliver more engaging content to the media, and highlight key messages. In certain cases, making the animation transferable so the media can grab and reuse can enhance the message even more.

  2. Media-facing E-newsletters: We’re seeing some big wins with newsletters delivered to the press. Consistency is the key to making this tactic work well. Consistency is timing, list, branding and even the qualitative nature of the content. This is a terrific way to grow relationships and establish your brand as a valuable resource.

  3. Tweetable Pull Quotes: This tactic is particularly handy for brands that don’t lend themselves to a lot of graphics. Pulling key messages out for visual enhancement can elevate the brand and better communicate your most essential points. Used well with quotes, stats or calls to action, tweetable text adds functionality for a key social platform, while making a more visually interesting presentation.

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Did You Know? Although we continue to see success with infographics, we’re also seeing trends towards more motion (motiongraphics) and the production of multiple, simplified graphics (pinfographics). If you have a complex issue you need to share using best visual storytelling practices, consider animating or breaking into multiple visual components.

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