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    July 2014
What News Release Tactics are Best for Your Brand?
Inbound vs. Outbound News Release Tactics
Confused by the long standing debate in PR circles over the relative value of inbound (new media release) vs. outbound (traditional wire release) news release tactics (also referred to as push vs. pull media relations tactics)? You're not alone. It's a question we get often. Services like ours are designed to deliver highly desired transferable assets directly to journalists in an effort to deliver better pick-up (outbound) while traditional wires have shifted to a focus on web syndication to move releases across the web (inbound).

To clarify the difference, we've put together this infographic complete with tips on how to maximize both efforts and, for the most bang for your buck, integrate the two (ideally without spending more money!). Click here to view the full-size, interactive infographic below.
Project Spotlight
spotlight This New Media Release grabbed hearts by delivering embedded video, an infographic, images, bios and more directly to the inboxes of targeted journalists. In addition to our direct-to-inbox distribution, we added a small wire release for the client so they benefited from both inbound and outbound tactics.

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Click to view infographic.

Click here to view the infographic.

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