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  December 2014
15 Visual Storytelling Tactics for 2015
“Show, don’t tell.” It’s classic storytelling advice and imperative in today’s digital marketing climate.

Successful brands have long understood that forging an emotional connection with an audience pays off. Increasingly, visual storytelling plays a role in forging these connections, making a brand story more personal. Why? Because visual storytelling increases engagement, explains and summarized complex information, speeds up comprehension and, done well, tugs the heartstrings and motivates actions.

But as more brands make the move towards content marketing, there’s more clutter. It’s increasingly difficult to prompt an audience to read past a headline: Everyone is busy, marketing is noisy, and the Internet is chock-full of information. Standing out is hard! Content that connects must be multimedia, interactive and social-friendly.  It must also follow the tried and true formula for good storytelling, which includes developed characters and an advancing plot that moves from conflict to resolution.
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spotlight It’s that time of year and the PWR team is busy creating animated snowmen, jingling ornaments and stockings full of surprises to help our clients share the joy.  Check out this slideshow of our own past holiday cards. (And reach out if you want to increase engagement and decrease costs and your carbon footprint with a digital holiday card.)

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Content that connects
must be multimedia, interactive and social-friendly.
The good news is that our brains are designed to connect with compelling stories. A good story can change the way people think about, and behave towards, your brand. That’s why 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like stories! Add to that the fact that our brains process images 60 times faster than words… well, you can see why “show, don’t tell” is the motto of the moment.

With that in mind, below are 15 visual storytelling tactics we think will be employed by smart brands in the coming year to tell their stories and connect with their audiences.


The top 15 visual storytelling tactics...

15 storytelling tactics1 Animation

2 Illustrated Videos

3 Interactive Games

4 Slideshows

5 Infographics

6Motion Graphics

7 Digital Annual Reports

8 Animated GIFs

9 Social Media Wikis

10 Animated maps

11 Microsites

12 Apps

13 Pinterest Boards

14 Vine Videos

15 Interactive Landing Pages

We look forward to 2015 and the new platforms and technologies the year will bring. While we're always happy to welcome new and innovative ideas, we think the tactics listed here will stay strong for some time to come. Want help making these tactics work for your brand? Get in touch anytime—we're always here.

  1. New York Times, Your Brain on Fiction;,
    What Listening to a Story Does to Our Brains
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