Journalists Tell Us Their News Release Do's & Don'ts
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    April 2014
No Revealing Headline Here:
It's the Must-Read-It-to-Get-It Edition
We have a point. Really. We’re even going to tell you what it is. Promise. But first we have to ask you a few questions. (If you can’t see images, now’s the time to download them.)

What does this mean?
Splat. Painting is fun!
Pink is the new black
Up, up, up
The letter A
Tuesday rocks

Project Spotlight

Ensuring the media was up to date and "in the know" on all the news breaking at the AAOS Annual Meeting was easier with this microsite, designed, developed, and managed by PWR. It's loaded with images, multiple news releases, a Twitter wiki, animated media gallery and other goodies the media loves.

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Good guess.

Answer: The letter A. (shrug, who knew?)

Now, what does this series of symbols mean?


Pizza is delicious
The new iPhone is coming
I'm sleepy
Shapes are cool

Answer: Engage

Still confused?

Click below to get the clue and it will all make sense:

Get a Clue


And the point of this exercise isÉ

All of us in the marketing, PR and the content creation world know to be on the lookout for our own jargon, acronyms, buzzwords, and other gobbledygook words. But even those of us with the best intentions sometimes forget that our audience doesn’t have the key.

Make sure you don’t use symbols (words, phrases, acronyms, even graphics) unless the target audience is already familiar with them. Take time to really think about your audience—the people who will consumer your website, enewsletter, news release or other assets—and read with them in mind. If you're having trouble, ask your friend or brother or grandmother to read it and confirm that it makes sense to an outsider.

Hope you enjoyed our read-it-to-get-it-edition. Get in touch to chat branding, design or digital project anytime.

Content Tip Load it up!
Make sure your corporate newsroom has all the content journalists want: high-res images, video with embed codes, and contact info that is easy to find and access.
Design Tip Get to the inbox!
Social media is great, but don't forget to make email a key part of your marketing mix. According to one survey, email is 40X more effective than Twitter and Facebook combined.
Delivery Tip Look out!
Watch the number of images you stack in email. Some versions of Outlook love to add page breaks where they don't belong, adding unappealing spaces between images when too many are vertically stacked.
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