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  Welcome to the Autumn Issue of the iNner Circle!
This time of year is always exciting with back to school activities and welcoming some of the largest classes of the year.  This issue highlights tips for immediate impact as well as opportunities to prepare for your next start and beyond!

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  Enrollmatch® Essentials at Your Campus

imageDoes your team need a little lift?

We offer 1/2 - 1 day workshops at your campus

Whether you work with students in recruitment, in the classroom, or in support services, you surely realize the impact your interaction can have on their success.  Today’s students have changed dramatically and our newest workshop, EnrollMatch® Essentials, will give you the “edge” you need to recruit and retain more of them. Come join us for a ½ or 1-day workshop offered at your campus, region or event.

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  Enrollmatch® Open Workshop

November 12 – November 14th; Chicago

This innovative admissions training program offers a fresh approach to the tired old admissions interview.  While many programs begin and end with a face-to-face training workshop, EnrollMatch® is a licensed program that provides additional tools to expand learning beyond the classroom and ensure smooth integration. Under the direction of a Nn facilitator, participants can further their knowledge and skills through quarterly webinars, eLearning courses and discussion forums.

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  Marketing Matters:
Make the Most of Yours With This Tip

imageBe sure to include emails to prospective students in your mix of communication

Although email is not a replacement for a live call, and it does not have the visibility of direct mail, it certainly can be a viable low-cost tool to supplement other communication.

5 Tips for more successful email:

Use a variable subject line
This allows you to speak to the prospective student’s area of interest

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  How About a New Course on Powerful Questions?

imageNew MaxKnowledge Course: The Power of Questions

Asking questions is an essential element of communication – especially when working with students. This course provides an in-depth understanding of the purpose and types of meaningful questions.  You’ll be introduced to fresh techniques, as well as a framework to help refine your questioning to an art. In addition, the course examines the counterpoint of questioning—skillful listening—and how both are necessary to be the most effective.

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  Especially for Our Enrollmatch® Campuses and Trainers

imageIntroducing Enrollmatch® Campus and Trainer of Distinction Titles

With thousands of EM trained professionals out there, we’d like to recognize schools and colleges across the country effectively utilizing the EnrollMatch admissions training program and going above and beyond in serving students AND their organization!  Email for more information, and to learn how to nominate your school or trainer!

We now have a special LinkedIn Group dedicated to all things EnrollMatch®. Connect with us and share tips, advice, or success stories. Be sure to utilize this completely complementary tool! Click here to join!
  Important News iNn the Sector

imageRecently, the White House gathered 130 industry experts at Harvard for the purpose of strengthening the individual attention that students receive. The recommended counselor-to-student ratio is 1:200, while the current ratio is an unfortunate 1:471. At some lower-income schools, the ratio can be as lopsided as 1:1000. The government is looking to boost these numbers by developing new strategies.

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  iNn Case You Missed It

imageNn recently hosted a FREE webinar with special guest Dr. Gary Carlson, Engaging Admissions and Faculty in Student Persistence. This webinar includes an overview of what we can do in both admissions and the classroom to keep students engaged. If you’d like to view the presentation click here.

Dr. Jean’s article, Improving Admissions Performance by Focusing on APPS, recently appeared in Career Education Review. Here is an excerpt from the article:

image"It can be difficult to have a conversation about improving admissions and recruitment performance without first acknowledging that the job is not what it used to be. Once a highly coveted role, the professional admissions representative was “all knowing” and the source of solutions for any problem a student may encounter in their journey into college life. But increased scrutiny of the sector changed what could be said to a prospective student and by whom."

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Vince’s article, Admissions, Compliance, and Financial Aid: Best Practices in Balancing Regulatory Requirements and Effectiveness, Was also recently featured in Career Education Review. You can view this editorial here.
  Upcoming Webinar

image Pulling Back the Curtain – Revealing the Pros & Cons of Working With a Vendor
Tuesday September 30, 2014
11:30 CST

When it comes to managing resources effectively, how do you know if it’s the right move for your school to outsource work or do it internally?

Join Dr. Jean Norris, Norton Norris, Inc. and Vincent Scaramuzzo of Ed-Exec, Inc. as they pull back the curtain on partnering with vendors. These industry experts will give you a realistic look at the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, share a tool to help you figure out if it’s right for your organization, and provide a list of questions to help you find the right partner! Click Here to Register!
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  Nn was featured on ABC Chicago Eyewitness News as experts on legitimate mystery shopping practices. "If someone says you've got to send money before you become a shopper—RUN!”
– Vince Norton.

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Enrollmatch® Essentials
at Your Campus

Enrollmatch® Open Workshop

Marketing Matters:
Make the Most of Yours

New Course on
Powerful Questions

For Our Enrollmatch® Campuses and Trainers

Important News
iNn the Sector

iNn Case You Missed It

Upcoming Webinar

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Dr. Jean Norris and Liz Wheeler presented “Success in Recruitment – Are top admission professionals born or made?See pics.

Vince Norton presented “Making Your Marketing Work in the 21st Century

Vince participated in a panel discussion with Ron Holt, Sally Samuels, and Audrey Kaplan on “Admissions, Compliance and Financial Aid:  Best Practices in Balancing Regulatory Requirements & Effectiveness See pics.

APSCU Leadership Conference
Vince and Jean facilitated “Admissions and Enrollment Management,” and “Building and Managing an Effective Marketing and Recruitment Team
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