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February 18, 2014



SGR Repeal, Replacement Legislation Introduced

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Payment Reform Webinar Series Continues

Orthopaedic Surgeons Discuss Imaging Study in Washington, DC

FDA Medical Device Fellowship Program

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Orthopaedic PAC Members: Visit the Exclusive AAOS PAC Lounge at the 2014 Annual Meeting!

AAOS Orthopaedic PAC Online Contribution Center Reopens

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Leader Board: Announcing the 2013 Leaders!


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imageLiaison Appointments

Are you interested in representing the AAOS on a national level? The AAOS is continually seeking to nominate members to liaison positions on national work groups and expert panels. Positions are posted in the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) and can be accessed at ( Some of the positions are appointed directly by the AAOS; others are nominated by the AAOS and may or may not be selected by the requesting organization.

The appointment process for liaison positions is similar to the appointment process for AAOS committee service. When time permits, recommendations will be made to the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) Committee. Occasionally, a requesting organization does not notify the AAOS in time to allow the routine CAP process to be used. In these cases, positions will still be posted in the CAP System; however, the Abbreviated Committee Appointment Process (ACAP) will be used to recommend nominations to the organizations. For the ACAP, applicants will be solicited through the CAP System.

Applicants will be required to also submit a CV, a biosketch and letter of interest. After materials are reviewed, the Council/Cabinet Chairs will review the information and rank the individuals for nomination. These nominations are then sent to the AAOS President for approval. Service as a liaison to an outside organization will not prevent a member from serving on other AAOS committees. Members who serve as a liaison are required to provide information to the Academy about their liaison interactions. The Academy’s goal is to support our members who want to get more involved as well as to provide the most talented and committed members for the AAOS liaison activities.