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February 18, 2014


SGR Repeal, Replacement Legislation Introduced

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Payment Reform Webinar Series Continues

Orthopaedic Surgeons Discuss Imaging Study in Washington, DC

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Orthopaedic PAC Members: Visit the Exclusive AAOS PAC Lounge at the 2014 Annual Meeting!

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SGR Legislation Introduced, Bonefied News,
and More
imageSGR Repeal, Replacement Legislation Introduced

On February 6, 2014, key committees in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate reached an agreement on legislation to permanently repeal and replace the flawed sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula that governs physician payments under Medicare. The bill, H.R. 4015/S. 2000, SGR Repeal and Medicare Provider Payment Modernization Act of 2014, was formally introduced by Rep. Michael C. Burgess, MD (R-TX) and represents months of intense negotiations.

H.R. 4015/S. 2000 represents the most significant step yet toward replacing Medicare’s current payment formula. The bill is based on bipartisan legislation unanimously approved by three separate legislative committees, including the House Energy & Commerce Committee, House Ways & Means Committee, and the Senate Finance Committee. Medical associations, including the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), provided significant input that helped shape the legislation.

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Bonefied News
Bonefied News is designed to share information about the Academy's public relations efforts and how the AAOS is enhancing the image of orthopaedic surgeons. Contact us at if you have questions or ideas on any of our public and media relations initiatives.
Time is Running Out to Book YOUR Radio Interview
during the 2014 Annual Meeting!

image A health reporter from Hometown Radio will conduct a five-minute interview with interested AAOS Annual Meeting attendees on-site, which then gets edited down to a couple of minutes and then transmitted to radio stations in your hometown and throughout your state.  

Interview slots are limited, so please sign up as soon as possible. Click here to select a 15-minute slot (5 minutes for the actual interview; 10 minutes for preparation and set-up). Print your full name next to your time slot and keep in mind that you may only select one time. A green check mark next to a time means that slot is no longer available. More details are available in AAOS Now, or email and a member of the Academy’s public relations team will be able to help you.
imagePayment Reform Webinar Series Continues

The Health Care Systems Committee presented the third in a series of four webinars on Payment Reform on February 13, 2014. The third webinar titled, Shared Risk: What Orthopaedic Surgeons Need to Know about an Emerging Reimbursement Model, reviewed the difference between Shared Risk or ACO Models on the federal and commercial side. The presentation outlined the advantages and disadvantages of ACO Involvement for Orthopaedic Surgeons. Presenters included AAOS members, Drs. Marc Rankin, Craig Mahoney and Peggy Naas. Health Care Systems Committee member, Dr. Peggy Naas, also moderated the webinar.

  Future Payment Reform Webinar:

Bundled Payments:
Opportunities and Considerations for Orthopaedic Surgeons
March 25, 2014
at 7:15 PM CT/ 8:15 PM ET

This webinar is free of charge for AAOS members. Registration can be found here:
divider Recorded Payment Reform Webinar:

Health Insurance Exchange:
Effects on Orthopaedic Practice

Orthopaedic Surgeons Discuss Imaging Study in Washington, DC

imageOn Thursday, February 11, 2014, Steve McCollam, MD, James York, MD, Larry Halperin, MD, and AAOS Medical Director Will Shaffer, MD, visited Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to meet with targeted offices and discuss the results of a study on imaging self-referral commissioned by AAOS. The results of the study of Medicare claims data on in-office MRI equipment ownership among orthopaedic surgery practices will provide tremendous support for the effort to protect in-office ancillary services. The study found no statistically significant difference in MRI utilization behavior of orthopaedic surgeons who obtain an on-site MRI and those who do not, when controlling for other variables such as practice size and payer mix. This has significant policy implications. The findings indicate that any changes in Medicare policy related to the current law which allows self-referral for certain physician activities such as imaging (as well as in-office therapy services, in office pathology, and in office provision of Durable Medical Equipment) will not lead to reduced advanced imaging utilization.

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FDA Medical Device Fellowship Program

The Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH) Medical Device Fellowship Program (MDFP) provides opportunities for health professionals to participate in the FDA regulatory process for medical devices. MDFP is part of External Expertise and Partnerships (EEP) in the Office of the Center Director in CDRH. In addition to MDFP, other components of EEP include Technology Transfer and Partnerships, and the Critical Path Initiative.

CDRH regulates a wide array of medical devices and is involved with the latest medical device cutting-edge technology areas such as genomics, proteomics, diagnostics for personalized medicine, percutaneous heart valves, artificial hearts, tissue engineered wound dressing with cells, and bone void fillers with growth factors, and many others.

To keep pace with the rapid development of new technology, and to make decisions based on the best scientific information and knowledge available, CDRH routinely consults with experts in the academic community, other government entities, clinical practice, and the military. By filling gaps in expertise for a finite period of time, EEP enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of CDRH operations. EEP is the focal point of all CDRH fellowships and interorganizational partnerships. EEP also fosters scientific innovation by helping offices form partnerships with academia, private sector organizations, and government agencies.

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imageLiaison Appointments

Are you interested in representing the AAOS on a national level? The AAOS is continually seeking to nominate members to liaison positions on national work groups and expert panels. Positions are posted in the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) and can be accessed at ( Some of the positions are appointed directly by the AAOS; others are nominated by the AAOS and may or may not be selected by the requesting organization.

The appointment process for liaison positions is similar to the appointment process for AAOS committee service. When time permits, recommendations will be made to the Committee Appointment Program (CAP) Committee. Occasionally, a requesting organization does not notify the AAOS in time to allow the routine CAP process to be used. In these cases, positions will still be posted in the CAP System; however, the Abbreviated Committee Appointment Process (ACAP) will be used to recommend nominations to the organizations.

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Orthopaedic PAC Members: Visit the Exclusive AAOS PAC Lounge at the 2014 Annual Meeting!

imageNeed a place to charge your iPad, grab coffee, or arrange a casual meeting with other AAOS fellows? If you are an Orthopaedic PAC member, don’t miss the opportunity to take a break during Annual Meeting by visiting the Orthopaedic PAC Lounge, exclusively for use by members of the PAC. Pick up complimentary beverages and snacks while stopping in to charge your electronics and visit with other PAC members.

The PAC Lounge will be open 9:00am-5:00pm on March 12-13th and 9:00am to 4:00pm on March 14th. The Lounge will be located in Hall F, Booth 4213.

Not yet a PAC member? Join today at or donate onsite at the Lounge to gain admittance. For more information, please contact Kristin Leighty at or 202.548.4150.
  AAOS Orthopaedic PAC Online Contribution Center

The Orthopaedic PAC website features an online contribution center, which can now accept contributions via credit card by visiting the site and using your AAOS login credentials. Credit card contributions can also be conveniently scheduled for a monthly, quarterly or yearly recurring donation.

Consider joining the Orthopaedic PAC with a monthly contribution of $25 or make a $1,000 contribution manageable through $250 quarterly contributions. Visit and select Donate to the Orthopaedic PAC for more information or to contribute today


divider State Contributions
Leader Board: Announcing the 2013 Leaders!
Congratulations to the following states for closing out a strong 2013 fundraising year as leaders in PAC contributions and participation! A special nod to Iowa for leading in PAC participation with a 40% participation rate and Connecticut for increasing their participation by ten points in 2013!

Highest Percentage of PAC Contributors

1. Iowa (40%)
2. Mississippi (32%)
3. Colorado (31%)
4. New Hampshire (30%)
4. New York (30%)
4. South Dakota (30%)

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