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    September 2013
Back to school with the ABC’s of digital terms, acronyms and abbreviations
imageOkay, so they’re not exactly found in Websters, but new words, abbreviations and acronyms are found online every day and the meanings of traditional words are changing along with them. For example, in today's digital world, follow doesn't mean to walk behind someone; tweeting isn't just for the birds; and if you're reading this on your smart phone when you should be doing something else you might be feeling a bit fidgital right now. To make sure you’re ITK (in the know), we’ve put together a list of our recent faves:
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AFAIK: As Far As I Know.

BIO (or bio break): A common term used in realtime chat to express that you’re stepping away for a short period and will be back shortly. It’s a lot like AFK (Away From Keyboard) but used in RL (Real Life). It likely started with gamers as a way to let each other know they were taking bathroom breaks.

COO: Means “cool” or “I approve.”

DYAC: Damn You Auto Correct.

EMIND: To remind someone of something via email.

FIDGITAL:  Checking one’s digital device excessively.

GERD: A short version of the stupidity expression 'ermahgerd!'  It’s used much like OMG (Oh My God), used to say 'I'm shocked' or 'that's so stupid' in four quick letters.

HMU: Hit Me Up.

INCOMMODEICADO: Being in the bathroom without a cell phone.

JUICE (or link juice): A term used to describe the benefit received from a link.

KTHXBYE: An abbreviation for "okay, thank you, goodbye."

LOLWUT:  Pronounced "lawl wut." It means "what?" but is used to convey confusion or bewilderment.

MEGO: My Eyes Glaze Over.

NOOB: Newbie or newcomer.image

OH: Overheard (alternatively, OH means “Other Half” but on social media sites it often means you’re humorous or surprising info).

POVERTUNITY: A job that has small, or no, salary but some other benefit such as promise of advancement or large future earnings worth a risk.

QFT: Quoted For Truth. It has two meanings but most commonly occurs in controversial online conversations and is meant to communicate that someone sides with you as an expression of agreement or support. Alternatively it is used as preserve an original forum so that the original author can’t edit later.

RL - Real Life (Also IRL, In Real Life) is used to refer to one’s life outside of a given context (away from the computer for example).

SMH: Shaking My Head.

TEXTERITY: The ability to deftly and expertly compose a text message.

UOK: An abbreviated question meaning “are you okay?”

imageWBU: What about you.

XOXOXOX: Kisses. It’s a classic, old-school snail-mail expression and is still used to show affection.

YMMV : Your Mileage May Vary is used to explain that someone should “expect variance to occur if you follow my advice” and is commonly used when giving technical advice that isn’t certain.

ZUP : Meaning "What's up?"

Content Tip Share using "Tweet This"
Make key quotes or stats from your news release or e-newsetter easier to share on Twitter with a "tweet this" link that can be clicked to share only targeted characters.
Design Tip Brand Your Brand
Brand your brand, not your vendor's. If you're sending an email—news release, e-newsletter, evite or any other message—the featured brand should stand out, not the vendor who sent the email.
Delivery Tip Optimize for Gmail
Gmail users now receive emails automatically separated into five different files. If Gmail subscribers are a big part of your list, consider sending them a targeted email letting them know how to get your email in the right file.
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