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    October 2013
Holidays in the Inbox  
From Creepy Spiders to Jingling Bells – Email Tips for the Season

It’s that time of year—the time when team PWR gets a little extra geeked out about inbox fun. The holidays open up opportunities to bring information to journalists, members, customers and other recipients on your subscription lists in entertaining, appealing and even charming ways. Here are a few holiday ideas to help you make the most of the season headed our way:

Go Mobile
batBats and reindeer aren’t the only things flying around during the holiday season, emails are on the rise as well—more emails are sent this time of year so making yours stand out can be a bit more challenging. With mobile rates flying high, ensuring every email is well designed for mobile and easy to navigate with a finger is essential.

Project Spotlight

Working with Energizer’s PR firm, Blickandstaff Communications, PWR designed and distributed this infographic news release, loaded with ways to share and spread the word about battery safety. Stay tuned for more information on visual storytelling in next month's issue of Powerlines.

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reindeerGive your emails a boost by following best practices for mobile including large buttons, preheaders, clear and concise calls-to-action, and turning off pop ups.

imageCheck Their List...Twice
Make sure you’re sending highly relevant and engaging content. Journalists want images and easily transferable assets like video and infographics while consumers are on the lookout for stocking stuffer ideas and your c-suite just wants something to celebrate as they ring in the New Year.

Think of your email as a gift and spend time thinking through what they truly want from you: a little multi-media love for the journalists on your list, social sharing options for those younger subscribers, or donation-as-gift for the members looking for more ways to support you.

presentsWrap It Up
Your brand can really wow them this season with the right wrapping. Capturing your brand’s look and feel with every email is always a must but adding some holiday cheer can be a fun way to connect with, and impress, the consumers, members, and journalists on your list.

Since many of your recipients will see your email on a mobile device or through a preview pane with blocked images, ensuring the branding still shines through and calls-to-action are clear no matter how it’s viewed is a must. Who doesn’t love getting a beautiful, well-wrapped gift?

Share the Fun
Animated snowmen, creepy-crawly spiders, pumpkins that sing and dance… this is the time of the year to get creative with e-cards, e-newsletters and even seasonal homepage messages.  Marrying the fun to the message can take it from merely amusing to highly effective. So, for example, creating a game that’s not only entertaining but also informative can wow in the inbox and beyond if you make an effort to ensure it’s shareable across social platforms as well.

imageCelebrate the season in style by playing with animation and visual storytelling in more creative ways. Then share away: pin your e-card to Pinterest with the new article pins, share your holiday how-to video on Vine, or make your CEO’s heart-warming quote more shareable with a Tweet This icon and an Instagram-friendly screenshot.

Give Thanks
Give ThanksNot every email sent to your stakeholders needs to inform or highlight a call-to-action. This is the season to stop and say thanks—thanks for the business, the donations, the time and attention, the membership dues. If they’re on your list, they’ve probably supported you in some way throughout the year.

Consider shelving the calls-to-action for a day during the season and simply say thanks. After all, we do have a day dedicated to that!

imageOn that Note
We would like to send a little extra love your way right now. If you have a holiday inbox idea you want to discuss, we’re happy to spend the time thinking it through with you. And, if you use PWR to design, develop and distribute we’ll say thanks with a 10% discount on your final bill. You just need to send us an email with “holiday love” in the subject line and we’ll adjust your bill accordingly.

Let the holiday fun begin!

Content Tip Very Pinteresting!
Pinterest now allows articles to be pinned, so consider adding a pin to show off that terrific headline, brief description and link to more info.

Design Tip Feeling Blue
Avoid putting links on a blue background in email. Gmail makes all links blue so your very important assets can disappear when against a blue background.
Delivery Tip At Your Fingertips
Assume every email you send will be viewed on mobile and make sure links and buttons can be clicked with the latest, greatest version of the mouse—a finger.
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