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    November 2013
Is Your News Release Beautiful?
Revisiting the remarkable value of visual storytelling and what it means for your news release tactics
The power of visual story telling continues to climb and climb. This is probably, in part, because our brains process visual information faster and better; in fact, 90% of the information transferred to the brain is visual.1

Attesting to the growth of visual learning and communication through images and video is the ever-increasing popularity of visual social channels such as Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and Instagram.  Our never-ending love for our smartphones, and the pretty pictures and videos they deliver to our palms, also speaks to this transition. While email is sill the most commonly used smartphone application,2 a recent report underlined the value of emails that look good:
Project Spotlight

Kendall College’s PR Firm, Zapwater, worked with PWR to design and develop this New Media Release. It’s highly branded, loaded with assets such as video and an infographic, and was delivered directly to the inboxes of targeted journalists across the country.

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80% of email recipients said they would delete a mobile email that ‘does not look good’ and, worse still, 30% also say they would go on to unsubscribe.3

In short, as is true for all other web content, when it comes to email, looks really do count. Check out the movie below for PWR's examples of news releases with great visual tactics:

A News Release Can Be to play movie.

Click here to play movie.

So what does this mean for your news release strategy? It means the days of plain text, boring old releases is over. And what’s more, since journalists overwhelmingly prefer to receive releases via email,4 using the medium wisely is a must.

At PWR, we deliver multimedia releases to the inboxes of journalists and bloggers everyday and see from the analytics that assets like infographics, compelling images, and short video are stickier and more engaging. In fact, in our recent journalist survey, 81% of journalists told us that easy access to images increased the chances that they would use a release for a story.5

Looking for ways to improve your brand's visual storytelling? Get in touch and we'll discuss strategies with you!


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Content Tip The eyes have it!
Strengthen your call-to-action by making it more visually appealing. Buttons are great but consider adding eye-catching, relevant graphics or animated gifs to tell the story more effectively.
Design Tip Beyond the call of beauty.
Make sure the featured brand is the star of any email. Avoid vendors who brand themselves! Rather, use the featured brand’s logo, colors, graphics and other visual assets to make a great inbox impression.
Delivery Tip Get your beauty sleep!
Make sure your email send time isn't too early in the morning. Most tracking analyses tell us mid-morning sends do much better.
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