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    June 2013
This Summer's Hottest Ideas from PWR-World
Working with so many talented PR and marketing professionals, we get a unique view on what new and innovative ideas are, and aren’t, working. The truth is, some tactics and ideas come and go quickly (word clouds anyone?) while other trends perform better and stick longer. This month, we wanted to share a few of the hottest ideas our clients are finding great success with.  Below are a few of the trends we’re seeing consistently delivering effective results for our clients:

Performance Reports
Sure you know how hard you work and what an amazing impact your work has but do your clients, board, c-suite and members? Many PWR clients have found great success sharing performance reports loaded with examples of earned media coverage, including broadcast, print and online. Organized by tactic, media type, or any other principal that works, these Performance Reports are a great way to share your successes!

Project Spotlight
  Check out this Annual Report PWR designed for AAOE.  We enjoy a good print project as much as the next designers and Annual Reports are a great way to put our print skills to work and help clients promote their successes and highlight their key needs with a targeted audience. Click here to check it out.


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imageMaps for Regional Relevance
It's a win-win anytime you can hand the media info that is more highly targeted to their beat or region. One tactic we’ve used that has made our clients happy is animated maps that house both national and regional information. Whether we email only the national story or national plus regional versions, having all the info housed in one place is a great way to give easy-access to journalists looking to find more relevant info at a click. Click here to see a recent map created for Bud Light.

Media-facing E-newsletters
One PR tactic we’ve seen working well lately is e-newsletters targeted to the media. Sending consistent and relevant newsletters to the same group of journalists and bloggers on a monthly basis can help grow relationships and set you and your clients up as go-to resources in your field.

imageGreat info is more effectively shared when it looks good. Infographics are an eye-catching way to organize complex info and make it palatable. Infographics are also very link-worthy and great to share across social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook. In fact, adding a Pinterest pin to infographics is a great way to make them even more shareable. Revisit last month's Powerlines to see shareable infographics.

Have a new idea you want to try out? We're always game! Get in touch anytime to discuss your digital needs.

Content Tip Use QR Codes
Include QR codes that quickly share info such as contact info, websites or apps your recipients can easily get to.
Design Tip Highlight Your Call-to-action
Be sure your main call-to-action is highlighted with good design—a web button, or related graphic can put eyes on the most important info and add value.
Delivery Tip Engage with a Preheader
In addition to honest from and subject lines, now you should add preheaders to your emails so recipients get more tempting info on mobile devices.
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