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    July 2013
Why We Love Infographics
Let’s start with a confession: We have a bevy of designers here who love nothing more than using colors, graphics and eye-catching fonts to tell a good story. And it turns out, they’re on to something because people rather like to get their stories all prettied up! 

In fact, 90% of information transferred to the brain is visual and our little brains process visual info faster and better.  That might explain why online publishers who use infographics experience traffic growth about 12% faster than those who don’t.

We've seen great infographics built around all sorts of things, including recipe ideas, event timelines, how to use products, facts and stats, success stories and media placement. We like the idea of communicating via infographics so much that this month we decided to share an infographic about infographics. Irony! Click here to check it out and get a few tips on how to create a good infographic and what to do with it once you have it.

Project Spotlight
  Incorporating an infographic into a New Media Release is a great way to hand journalists great content they can grab and reuse. Check out this release we designed and distributed for Walgreens' PR Firm, Weber Shandwick, that did just that. Click here to check it out.


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infographic about infographics

  Click here to view a larger version.  

We've recently created infographics for clients including the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and the American Academy of Dermatology to help tell their stories. We've also seen clients like Betty Crocker and Walgreens (see Project Spotlight) incorporate infographics into releases effectively. Get in touch if you'd like to brainstorm an infographic idea.

Content Tip Gift Guides
Now is a great time to send Gift Guides to long-lead reporters. You can redistribute to media short-lead in the fall.
Design Tip Keep Your Designs Cohesive
As your website design evolves, review email templates to make sure branding is consistent and up to date.
Delivery Tip Avoid Spam Filters
One of the most common ways spam filters are tripped is by a bad text to image ratio, so make sure your email isn’t too much image, not enough text.
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