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    August 2013
Content Marketing: 99 words
A Shareable Slideshow

There’s little doubt that Bill Gates was right when he said, “Content is king.” But Maya Angelou was equally correct when she quipped that “Content is of great importance, but we must not underestimate the value of style.”  Jumping into content marketing is as essential as it is confusing.  Ideas, advice and thoughts on how to best create and share content well are so abundant it sometimes feels like too much of a good thing.

To simplify it a bit, we’ve boiled our thoughts on content marketing down to a mere 99 words—the most essential things to keep in mind for a successful content marketing strategy.
Think we missed anything? Share your thoughts—we’re always happy to hear from you.

Project Spotlight
  This month's spotlight features some adorable furry pets and some terrific content for journalists to grab and reuse. We featured this NMR on our new Instagram account. Be sure to follow us here. Click here to check out this New Media Release.
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Content Tip Make Evites Interactive
Sending a save-the-date or evite? Make it interactive with elements such as maps, silent auction item images, and an add to calendar button.
Design Tip Email Backgrounds
Don’t forget that background images don’t show up in Outlook. If you’re using them, think through how your email looks without them so all recipients get a good view.
Delivery Tip Time Your Emails
People pay more attention to emails that arrive when they’re already online and on top of their inboxes. For best results avoid early morning sends.