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Check out this performance report withinfographic we created for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, helping them share the good news about their recent PR successes.

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Asked recently who their favorite Angel was, all three
of the PWR Managing
Partners said Sabrina.
(Does that make them nerdy
or just fashionably practical?)
Tell us your favorite!

Stay green!
Behind the Scenes with the “Angels”
of PWR New Media

It’s no mystery that we truly love what we do here at PWR. One thing we enjoy is sharing information with our many fabulous clients, letting them know what we’re seeing work (or not), what we’re hearing from the press, what new ideas seem to be delivering buzz and ROI.

We’ve learned that innovation works best when paired with outstanding execution. So this month, we asked our three Managing Partners to don their halos and share their thoughts and tactical tips on the subjects of innovation and execution. 

Rollover the image below to find out what Phoebe, Malayna and Teresa say about digital strategy!

Teresa's Top 3 Tips:

We strive to effectively adapt our clients’ branding to the various platforms we’re working across. Whether it's email, social or a simple web page, we want to harness the power of the web and marry it to the brands we serve so that every message we touch is powerfully but simply conveyed. Here are my top three tips:

  1. Stay true to branding guidelines for every client. It’s key to make sure our clients’ branding is the star of every project. The client, not the designer, sender or developer should make the impression!

  2. Everything you do online will be viewed on a variety of devices. So design for multiple screens and platforms, all of which have their own idiosyncracies. For example, we’ve moved away from Flash because it doesn’t render well on iPads. 

  3. Keep your audience in mind when you’re creating and sharing content—different recipients will have different needs. So, for example, image galleries in New Media Releases should have multiple options for each image: download links for web quality and high res images, and possibly Pinterest pins. Consider supplying embed codes as well.

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Malayna's Top 3 Tips:

We’re always looking for ways to use technology to better communicate key messages. Digital should enhance your message, not obscure it! Here are my top three tips:

  1. Creating and sharing great content—content with real value for recipients—is a key part of brand success in today’s digital world. Think through your expertise, the value of your spokespeople, services and products and share info generously across the web. And always keep your audience in mind when you’re creating content.

  2. Once you have that great content, share it across multiple digital platforms—blogs, websites, E-newsletters, NMRs... much of what you create can be repurposed and shared so different audiences can benefit.

  3. Think through the value of platforms and technologies before jumping on any given bandwagon. Animation is great, for example, but can also be distracting. Make sure the platforms and technologies you use are helping you convey your message and attain your business goals, not muddling your message.

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Phoebe's Top 3 Tips:

You might not think the length of a subject line or the addition of a specific journalist beat added to a list matter that much, but I’ve found that taking every small aspect of a project to heart results in better outcomes for our clients.

  1. Test before you send! We send emails on behalf of our clients everyday but we would never hit a send button without testing each email for rendering and link issues in advance.

  2. Keep your list fresh and well groomed. Make sure you’re adding people, and removing people, so the right people are hearing from you (or not!)

  3. When sending emails, think of your from line, subject line and headlines in tandem—folks see those three elements simultaneously if your email is properly designed and distributed. So, for example, use your organization name as your from line but don’t restate it in the subject line. Similarly, don’t simply reuse your headline as a subject line.

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Every day here at PWR we design landing pages, send emails, advise on content, play around with ideas for animation or social media, organize websites… basically emerge ourselves in the joys of digital communications. Of course, we listen to and learn from our clients as well—our clients are a constant source of ideas and inspiration. We're always happy to investigate new digital challenges so if you have a digital project or conundrum you'd like to share with us, be an angel and get in touch. We'd love to hear from you!
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