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In a recent survey, 65% of four screen respondents (consumers with TVs, computers, smartphones and tablets) say that they usually use another device while watching TV.  This creates new opportunities for marketers to create and share content, such as apps, that complement TV shows and events, so consider multi-taskers as you plan.  

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Here's a recent New Media Release we sent for The Joint Commission. With assets as strong as these, you might consider dedicating more real estate to mulitmedia and supporting assets and minimizing the release a bit, as in this example.

The Joint Commission

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Email Transformation: Before and After
with PWR Clients
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Making the most of every email can be a challenge. Time, resources and ideas can make transforming your emails from drab to fab a tough task. But here at PWR, we live and breathe email everyday. For us, it’s just good fun.

This month, we asked a couple of our favorite clients, National PTA and The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, to let us redesign emails they had created internally in order to share some ideas for how we might improve. It's an extreme makeover PWR style!

National PTA
E-Newsletter Makeover

This PTA newsletter goes to half a million parents and other interested parties across the country. It’s not in bad shape, but we thought there was some room for improvement. Although the email goes to parents, the PTA is all about kids and we thought this email could use more of them to capture the spirit and objectives of PTA. We've highlighted nine improvements we think will make this E-newsletter more appealing and interactive...


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1 Eye-Appealing Design: We sprinkled more fun and color throughout the newsletter and filled the banner with kids.
2 Multiple Formats: We added web- and mobile-friendly links to ensure it can be viewed across devices. We also created a PDF version so people can print and share or archive.
3 Prominent Calls-to-Action: We placed the calls-to-action higher up in the design so they appear above the fold. PTA members are an engaged audience so giving them more ways to be involved, like joining PTA on Facebook or following on Twitter, is a key message in every email.
4 Showcase Photos: We highlighted the PTA photo gallery inviting viewers to click through.
5 Easy to Share: We added a Forward button inviting folks to share the newsletter with their networks.
6 Drive Traffic: We added a "Best of Blog" box to drive traffic to PTA’s blog.
7 Twitter Wiki: We incorporated a Twitter wiki so viewers, even those who don’t tweet, can follow the conversation about PTA on Twitter.
8 Incorporated Video: Since the intro article is about the movie Bully, we thought why not add the YouTube trailer and let folks view? (As a general rule, if you’re treating your E-newsletter as a PDF you’re doing it wrong.)
9 Kid Involvement: We created a KidsZone where PTA can share kid-friendly healthy recipes, craft ideas and more—just another way to highlight kids and make it more parent-friendly.


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AAOS Evite Makeover
AAOS sends this email to journalists to notify them that they have been awarded a MORE award for outstanding journalism and inviting them to a celebratory event.

Here’s our redesign, making the piece more appealing and interactive...
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1 Multiple Formats: We added a mobile-friendly link so people can click to view mobile version of email.
2 Incorporated Personalization: Since AAOS is celebrating a few individuals, it makes sense to use their names in the evites to make it feel more customized.
3 Tools to Share: We tossed in share buttons for Facebook and Twitter to make it easy for recipients to share the good news with their networks.
4 Award History: We created a gallery of past winners, organized by category, so new winners can see what good company they’re in.
5 Easy to RSVP: We linked to an RSVP web form so recipients can click to RSVP immediately.
6 More Event Information: We added a button with event information so recipients could learn more about the evening's agenda.
7 Calendar Link: We included an add-to-calendar link so recipients can add to their Outlook calendars with one click.
8 Navigation Tool: We also included a button for map and directions making it easier for recipients to make arrangements.

If you have an email project that needs a transformation, click here to get in touch with PWR's team of real-deal email geeks. No really—we love this stuff!