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Keep your New Media Release alive even after the release is distributed by adding images, video and even additional releases. Here’s a recent New Media Release from Kraft that continued to be expanded after distribution—a great resource for journalists and bloggers to archive and revisit for updated info!

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Now is the time to start thinking about your holiday e-cards. When it comes to holiday e-cards, creativity and innovation can really pay off. What conveys your holiday message? Talking snowman...ringing bells...twinkling candles or perhaps an interactive game?

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Cooking Up Successful Emails

imageWith Turkey Day around the corner, we’ve given some thought to the many ways delivering an exceptional email campaign is like throwing a great dinner party. You need to know your audience, design a great menu, use fresh ingredients and serve it all with good plating.

When you get it right, you’ll improve relationships, wow your target audience, and earn your place among the pantheon of expert e-party throwers!

Here are a few thoughts on stirring up success with your email campaign:
Who is coming to dinner?
The first thing to figure out is who your target audience is. Organically grown lists are best. A few starter tips include:

  • Add a prominent subscribe button to your website
  • Collect email addresses at events, POS, anywhere you have a presence
  • Invite your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook friends to join your list
  • Include Forward to Friend and Subscribe links on all emails
  • Make sure subscribers know what they’re opting into when they sign up, and send anyone who subscribes a well-crafted welcome letter with useful links and information
  • Be creative, persistent and patient
  • And remember, CAN-SPAM laws are not just the law—they’re good manners to be taken to heart!

imageDesign the perfect menu
So, once you know your audience, think about what type of email you can send that will be sure to please. Remember, content is king so deliver something that will truly be appreciated.

Whether you’re serving them quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily, every email you send should be appealing and highly valued. And, get creative!

imageUse fresh ingredients
Today, it’s easier than ever to create and share innovative content so don’t be timid—spice it up with video, images, slideshows, tactical tips, blog posts, social media components, related links and more! Content that is shareable and transferable is in high-demand so make yours share-worthy with exceptional info and creative packaging.

Set a splendid table
Now you’ve figured out who and what you’re serving and created a terrific e-dish with innovative ingredients. Next up: an enticing design. There are a lot of design-based rules that impact whether or not your email is delivered and how it renders once recipients receive it. Above all, every email you send should look good through the preview pane even with images blocked.

A few tips every host should know are:

  • Keep your text to image ratio around 60/40
  • Avoid too many capped letters
  • Stay away from web buttons and try plain text links instead
  • Follow your branding initiatives so your brand stands out in the inbox
Good email should use color, pattern, attention-grabbing headlines and text, and interesting graphics that help tell your story. Above all, follow your branding initiatives so your brand stands out from inbox clutter. And keep the message clutter-free with clear and concise calls to action.

imageServing suggestions
From New Media Releases made with fresh headlines and background info, to Monthly Tips designed to delight your customers and prospects, to Media Watch Reports cooked up to deliver your good news to an internal audience, our serving suggestions will help you get your party started...


Serving the Media? Try a New Media Release to stand out from newsroom clutter. To get started, you’ll need:

  • One great story
  • Search Engine Optimized release with attention- grabbing headline
  • Large dose of Backgrounders, Bios & other related links
  • Contact info
  • Liberal use of downloadable images
  • Dash of Video
  • Well branded design
  • One Social Media bookmark
  • Well-targeted list of journalists


Looking for something customers and prospects can sink their teeth into? Video is a great way to establish your brand as a terrific resource and innovator. You’ll need:

  • Large dose of expertise in your field
  • YouTube quality video, 2-3 minutes
  • Video player that lets recipients download, view, embed or just share
  • Short write-up highlighting key tactical tips
  • Sidebar links with related info
  • Branded, eye-catching design
  • Forward to friend link
  • Share link
  • Clean list of customers and prospects


Do your bosses, co-workers, clients and Board appreciate your accomplishments and know what you do? Enhance corporate communication by sending frequent reports that detail your accomplishments. Consider adding:

  • Media coverage including links to video, print and on-line coverage (ad equivalency optional)
  • Video and audio highlights
  • Links to recent news releases
  • Images from recent event or new staff
  • Tactical tips sections
  • Social Media footprint inviting recipients to befriend you
  • Info on social media coverage
  • Featured blog post

Don’t forget the dessert
imageJust because you’ve sent the email doesn’t mean the party is over. Make sure to share your great content and spread it around the web—drop it on your blog and your Facebook page, tweet about it, upload it to LinkedIn and use sites like Slideshare, Viddler or YouTube to create new friends and share more content.

We tip our (chef) hats to you
It may take a little time and perseverance before your target audience will appreciate your e-brilliance, but if you create great content and share it generously the success will come!