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How's your call to action? Whether you want your visitors to join your brand on Facebook, click to request more info, or share your brilliant idea with their network, make your call to action clear, concise and highly visible. (If you're in email, that means using the upper left quadrant for your most important message).

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Stay Green
Social, Relevant, and Fabulous!
Five Digital Strategies to Bring You Closer
to Your Target Audiences

Growing relationships online is essential in today’s business world. The truth is, no matter what you’re selling—a gadget, a message, an idea, a service or a cause—you’re not really selling it to “businesses” or “consumers.” You’re selling it to real people who have real emotions, interests, likes and dislikes. They want to do business with people, and brands, that appeal to them.

Your brand might be visually appealing, support great causes, have an innovative product, or simply do that same old thing with outstanding service. Whatever your strength, you can capitalize on it to grow relationships (and thus, your bottom line) by creating and sharing digital content that captures your spirit.

Whether you’re an old pro or just dipping a toe into digital for the first time, here are five ways any brand can move this direction:

ONE: Create and share great content
There is nothing more essential to growing online relationships than ensuring your audiences get good value from what you’re posting and sharing. (And if you’re not creating content, now is the time to start.) Share your expertise and knowledge generously and utilize engaging tools to package the information. Consider including the following in your next digital communiqué:

  • Tactical tips, factoids, surveys, expert opinions, innovative ideas and other useful bits of information
  • multimedia components such as video, audio, and slideshows
  • Content repurposed from other platforms
In addition to its quarterly
e-newsletters, Norton Norris shares strategic tips to its audience and uses video to really capture attention. Click here to view.
Share Content From Other Platforms
Say you have a cookbook, for example. You might repurpose that content by creating a digital flipbook version to post on your site, inviting participants to share their versions of the recipes on Facebook or even YouTube, tweeting about their favorite unusual ingredients, and highlighting seasonal recipes in your monthly e-newsletter.

TWO: Let your audiences grow a win-win relationship with your brand
Enable your audiences to engage with your brand frequently and learn more about you with a click. Make sure your social platforms, websites,
e-newsletters and other digital collateral are all integrated so that visitors to your website are instantly aware of your Facebook page and free monthly newsletter, for example. Give them many ways to connect (and make the connection worthwhile)! Here are a few components to make it easy for your audience to get and stay engaged:

  • Social media footprints on all digital assets inviting followers to join your brand
  • Facebook welcome page to make “liking” you appealing (and consider adding a Facebook Like Box to your homepage so people can become your fan without even leaving your site).
  • Email subscribe buttons on all brand URLs
Suave devoted an entire page of its IPK to share how to enter its contest on Facebook. Click here to view.
Share Your Blog Content
Studies show that more people subscribe to blogs via email than RSS feed, so a call to action like “Sign up to get our blog in your inbox” is a great way to share great content and grow relationships.

THREE: Let their voices be heard
Let your audience share their opinions—they might just sell your product or brand for you. Find ways to let the voices of your customers, fans, prospects and members be heard. Brainstorm ways to let your fans be the stars and even spotlight them in social and digital channels. Here are a few ideas for amplifying their voices:
  • Twitter widget embedded on landing pages so anyone can see what’s being said about your brand
  • Chat widgets so people can comment on your content and have their opinions viewed by other visitors
  • Spotlight feature that highlights targeted audience members, and their opinions of your brand, in newsletters, on your Facebook page, and other platforms

Community Supports Services profiled one of its community members in its quarterly
e-newsletter, Around the Circle. Click here to view.

FOUR: Make it easy for your audience to share your content with their network
Make sure people who view your digital content can easily share it with their networks. Make it easy for people to click a button to pass your content along. If you're targeting the media, make your assets easy to grab and transfer with embed buttons and high and low res versions of images. Here are a few ways to make your digital assets shareable:

  • Social media share links/bookmarks that enable visitors to click to share
  • Re-tweet buttons enabling site visitors to spread your URL across the web
  • Facebook “like” buttons
  • Visible forward to friend links in emails
  • Embed codes for video and images (both high and low res)
Follett Follett Higher Education Group gave several options to share its content including automated email. Click here to view.

FIVE: Make a good impression
Let’s face it, looks count! That’s as true online as it is in the real world. Although there are loads of inexpensive and effective online tools out there, many of them are impossible or hard to brand with your look and feel. But customized, well-branded assets make the right online impression and are usually worth the extra effort. Here are a few ideas:

  • Digital content that matches your branding initiatives (and is branded with brand’s look and feel, not some vendor’s)
  • Mobile-friendly links so visitors can easily view on older handhelds
  • iPad-friendly design components so visitors on iPads get your message
  • Clear and concise calls to action
Lands' End
Lands' End sent this multimedia, user-friendly news release to the press. The customized banner and vibrant color scheme capture the brand's initiatives and help journalists easily identify the sender. Click here to view. Gain

As always, all of us at PWR are happy to chat about your digital assets and how to most effectively reach your target audience anytime. Click here to get in touch.