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Countdown: 10 Great Ideas from 2010

Welcome to 2011! To celebrate the New Year, we’ve put together our very own PWR countdown, highlighting some of our favorite ideas from 2010. Working with so many innovative PR and marketing professionals, we enjoy a unique view of what is, and isn’t, working. Here are a few things that really popped our cork this past year!

imageIn today’s new media world, your content needs to work for the traditionalists among us who still love the feel of paper as well as the early adapters who stood in line for the first iPad.  Creating both print and digital versions of key assets is a great way to get more bang for your buck. Check out this Annual Report we created for a local non-profit, Community Support Services, in print and digital form.

NINE: Embedded Twitter widget makes conversation more transparent.

twitterWith a popular hash-tag, National PTA wanted to be sure the media, membership and the public could follow their Twitter conversation (even folks who weren’t on Twitter). We embedded this widget in their annual meeting electronic press kit so all viewers could "eavesdrop" or more easily join the conversation. Even though it is no longer active, you'll get the idea...check it out here.

science alertGrowing relationships with the press, and establishing your brand as a valuable resource, can benefit from a traditional E-newsletter strategy, distributing consistent news to a regular target audience. Many of our PR clients have experimented with this approach recently, often with great results. Whether you’re sharing monthly tips, seasonal ideas, or quarterly stats, a consistent on-going email strategy can help you establish better rapport with the media. Check out this McCormick Science Alert for an example.

We all respond to different types of content. To give your newsletter, website or evite more wow, include multi-media elements. Check out this E-newsletter from the AAOE, including a video gallery with simple videos of their Board President. Or, this E-newsletter from POSNA that highlights an image gallery of a recent event. Get creative with your content and your recipients will be more engaged. It’s efficient and effective—great bang for your buck!

imageA good save-the-date and evite campaign can make a big difference in the success of an event. Make it easy for recipients to RSVP, get directions, and learn more about the event. But a well planned strategy also means thinking about the true event objectives and tweaking your email accordingly. For example, check out this evite from a local doggie daycare who wanted to sell artwork at an event to raise money for charity. To help them achieve this objective, we highlighted the artwork through animation and a gallery to focus the spotlight on the terrific auction items and help them achieve their true goals.

There’s one business challenge many of our clients share: how to make the C-suite, Board, membership, clients, etc. aware of their many great accomplishments – accomplishments that often go unnoticed. Many of our clients send emails sharing their successes but they simply don’t stand out from inbox clutter. To help break through and make an impact, internal E-Newsletters (or flash reports) with dynamic content can make all the difference.  Check out this quarterly email the communications team at AAOS sends to key target audiences to keep them informed (and appreciative!)

NnInvite your target audiences to follow you wherever you are, by subscribing to your list, joining you on social media sites, or adding themselves to your RSS feed. If you send New Media Release to the press, for example, include a social media footprint, a “subscribe” button, and a link to your RSS page so they can easily request future info. If you’re sending to an in-house list, like this E-Tip by local marketing firm Norton Norris, make sure you let your subscribers know how to find your social platforms so you have more ways to stay in touch with your audiences.

Many of our clients, especially in the PR field, work to establish their brand as a key resource for journalists and bloggers who are always on the look-out for good story ideas, usable experts and new products to share with their readers. Including a “request interview” or “request product example” button on New Media Releases and other digital assets is a great way to engage this audience and make it easy for them to get what they want out of the relationship. Check out this call to action by DiGiorno.

Chat rooms, forums, blogs, and even simple “get in touch” links are a great way to invite dialogue. Consider creating a topic-specific blog tied to a news release and inviting the media, and other pertinent audiences, to join you there for discussion.

Check out this release we did for The Joint Commission which links to a blog on the topic.

ONE: Give the Media what they want and get more pick up.

RedboxIt’s an oldie but a goodie! Ninety percent of journalists say they want to get releases via email and want them loaded with images, video and other multi-media components. Give the press exactly what they want by making the most of New Media Releases, like this recent Redbox release. We’ll populate your release with easy-to-use media elements, add social-friendly bookmarks and links, and deliver it directly to the inboxes of targeted journalists.

Want to learn more about what journalists want from news releases and how they use new media? Stay tuned for next month’s 2011 PWR Journalist Survey!

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