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In a recent test, email messages with more than 20 links outperformed messages with fewer links, proving once again that email with more content is simply more engaging.

SOURCE: Email Stat Center/MailerMailer


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Making the Most of Your Open Rate
Six Elements That Can Make or Break Your Email Campaign

Email open rates are a useful, but imperfect, metric. Even the most sophisticated senders can’t track people who don’t view images or, generally speaking, who viewed the email on a handheld device like Blackberry or iPhone. This means that open rates are never comprehensive. But, they’re still a great way to get a peek into how your audience is receiving your E-newsletter, New Media Release or E-tip. They enable you to better benchmark your performance over time and tweak key elements to improve execution and better grow relationships with your target audiences. The important thing is that you see them hold steady or, even better, trend up.

There are a variety of things that can hurt, or help, your email open rates: design, from and subject lines, send time, lists, content and delivery issues. Click the video above to watch our Managing Partner, Malayna Williams, share a few tips on how to make the most of these six elements to improve your open rate performance.

We hope you find these tips for making the most of your email campaigns useful. Get in touch anytime—we’re always happy to hear from you.


Here are a few things they’ve told us...

From high profile bloggers:
“We live in an on-line world. We live in a digital world. I don’t think there’s room for anything other than an electronic press release.”

“In this day and age where newsrooms are really, really hard pressed, in terms of resources, to have a news release that is organized in a way that helps us do our job just seems to make so much sense… give me a lot of resources I can pick and choose from.”

“The real key is to have images.... I mean direct link, not ‘go to this website and you might find it somewhere’ which has been happening far too often recently. A specific link to the actual images is really important for bloggers in this case… even in my work at the New York
Times it’s really useful to have press release images.”

From a journalist:
“Emailed releases are less time consuming—no need to retype information faxed and mailed press releases never get looked at—100% email is ideal. The more thorough it is, the more likely I am to consider the press release for a story.”


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