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In our recent survey, 88% of journalists said receiving images with a news release is (very) important. On the other hand, attachments earned a big thumbs down.

So, include an image gallery with every release and make it easy for journalists to choose and download web or print quality images.  And if you really want to wow them, consider adding an image player the media can grab and transfer to their own sites.

See examples here and here. And for more New Media Release tips, visit here.

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this new dynamic E-Newsletter PWR created for the American Association of Orthopaedic Executives.

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“PWR has the knowledge and expertise that helps National PTA’s media relations team take our work to a higher level. PWR always has solutions to our new/traditional media challenges. Their service is also impeccable and it certainly doesn’t hurt that they’re amazing people with great personalities.”

—James Martinez,
Media Relations Manager, National PTA

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Cracking the Digital Code
The who, where and how-to of building better online relationships with your target audiences
People are more empowered than ever with a multitude of ways to be heard. That’s why your audiences are now key to your brand’s online reputation; thus, they’re key to your brand’s success.  As the old "one-to-many" marketing strategies are being augmented by new "many-to-many" strategies, there is a new emphasis on growing relationships with online audiences.

To learn more about this transition, get ideas on how you can plug yourself in, and see a few examples of PWR clients who have successfully improved online relationships, click here.

WHO are your target audiences?
Anyone who is engaged with your brand. But, not all audiences are equal. Your digital assets need to target different groups, take into account different levels of engagement, and address the small percentage of people—the “loud crowd”—who pipe up most often on blogs and social sites as well as the majority who share with their networks less frequently.

We visualize it as an engagement diamond and work with good marketers to move the needle, pushing audience members higher up towards the top of the diamond.


WHERE are your audiences?
Everywhere. Your online messages now reach people in the grocery store, at a soccer game, boarding a plane, even in bed as they check email, blog and social sites on their laptops, iPads, and Blackberries. And they don’t just get messages on the go—they create, share and pass-on messages to their networks from everywhere as well.

And, in addition to being everywhere all the time, they’re more engaged than ever. They’re crazy in love with their digital toys and busy creating virtual personalities and sharing information about your brand, and millions of others. 

HOW-TO reach them effectively?
With relevant, dynamic and appealing content. Give your audiences what they want: content that is relevant, engaging, educational, human, funny, timely, conversational, informative, useful. Like any relationship, generosity counts so share your knowledge, expertise, humor, information and resources unstintingly.

Although relevance is still the foundation, good packaging definitely counts. Remember the golden-rule of old school marketing, “sell the sizzle not the steak”? It has been updated, and the new rule exemplifies how the definition of good content has changed: To sell that steak, educate with recipe ideas, grilling tips, pairing guides and more!

Click here to lean more and see examples of how the pieces come together.

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