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Take advantage of all the great, often free, resources the web has to offer to add dimension and texture to digital assets. It’s a great way to repackage and reuse content.

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We're Making a List (and Re-gifting):
santaA Look Back at PWR Content

In the spirit of the season, the PWR team has taken some time to reflect on our year. Since you’ve been such a good girl or boy, we wanted to share some of our favorite PWR resources with you: ideas, research, interviews, tactical tips and more.

Visit our website resource page anytime, and peruse below to check out some of the free (and informative) resources created by team PWR…

Resources for PR Professionals
For you PR pros out there targeting the media, here are a few favorites from the PWR list:

  1. Journalist Survey: PWR surveyed over 200 journalists to learn about their news release preferences and new media usage.

  2. Virtual Roundtable with the Media: PWR interviewed a dozen journalists and bloggers to get their two cents on releases, social media and more.

  3. Integrating Outbound and Inbound News Release Tactics: In this guest blog post for PRSA’s blog, ComPRehensions, we explored a few thoughts on how to combine push and pull release tactics.

  4. 10 Newsroom Tips: We provided a few tips on how to make your newsroom journalist- and blogger-friendly, highly digital, and social media compatible.

Resources for Content Creators
Many of the clients we work with, from non-profits to business owners, are creating and sharing digital content for the first time, adapting to the changing brand-centric conversations the web has enabled. Here are a few thoughts we’ve put together on how to make the most of on-line relationships:

  1. imageCracking the Digital Code: We gave you our thoughts on building better on-line relationships with your target audiences. We argued that many-to-many is the new “it” and suggested ways you can embrace the change.

  2. Communicating Across the Spectrum: With your audience ranging from those who still love paper to those who stand in line for the latest gadget, we shared a few thoughts on how to communicate with them all (repackaging helps!).

  3. Digital Eye Contact: Growing, maintaining and maximizing online relationships requires many of the same approaches, attitudes and considerations that real-life relationships benefit from. We took a look at what that means for digital content.

Resources for Enhancing Email and Other Platforms
For you true-blue digital geeks, or those stretching to join the ranks, here are some tactical tips to maximize platforms like email and video…

  1. imageSpring Cleaning: We laid out the six most important things for you to think about when making your email sparkle.

  2. Video on Video: The increased demand for video creates great opportunities. We shared a few tips on how to create and share effective, low hassle video.

  3. Play the PWR Email Deliverability Game: This one is an oldie but a goodie—play the email deliverability game to learn a bit about what does, and doesn’t, work well when it comes to email design.

  4. Is the Preview Pane the New Subject Line?: One of our most popular blog posts, this look at the role of the preview pane, and what it means for your email, is a handy starter guide for those learning about email.image

We hope these resources come in handy and would love to hear from you. Click here to let us know what topics you want to learn more about in 2011 from the PWR team.