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What journalists told us…

We added a new open-ended question for the first time this year: What impact has new media had on your work? We got a variety of enthusiastic responses, ranging from “Not at all” to “It’s changed everything.”


It's a vital, easily accessible source I use constantly.

In many respects it has made it easier. Information is more readily available and accessible.

I head an investigative team and also edit a regional travel section. Online publication has magnified effect of both efforts and given us more feedback from readers.

Easier to research items through a Search Engine.

Here's the best way I can explain it: In trying to answer your first question on this survey, I needed to choose newspaper, Internet and news service, at a minimum, to accurately describe our products. But I could choose only one, so I went with the traditional choice of newspaper, even though that represents what

I spend the least amount of time creating.

Simplified it, and brings quick results.

Speeds up research. Enriches content.

I rely on web sites and email almost exclusively.

Makes searching archives and finding addresses and phone numbers much quicker.

It's completely changed over from print to online. I only work on two printed publications now ... an annual report and a quarterly magazine. All other newsletters/news is provided via the Web.

Many more options.

We have, for some time, been providing extra content on our Web site that complements what we are able to include in the magazine. We are also gearing up our official blog, which will allow us greater flexibility in the immediacy of the topics we can cover.

Lots of technology changes and having to train myself and other staff members on how to receive new media and interpret it.

Made it easier

It is easier to research and get divergent viewpoints

It certainly has made research easier and quicker.

More media sources & more to cover websites, posted studies make it easier to do research. I do our web publishing as well as story set-up shooting, writing, producing, so time crunch worst ever.

Many of my stories are published on-line, so I often write first for the web edition, then later for the print version. As a result, I have rolling deadlines. I've also been tasked to take photos and videos while reporting a story when a regular photographer was not available to take either. So, I've had to incorporate new skills.

The internet has made accessing information very easy.

I'm writing a LOT more for the web. I also research blogs as well, though it's more difficult now to find the truth due to the preponderance of info that is out there.

It's changed everything.

It's changed the production priority to immediate Web presence with a story.

We're highly encouraged to get audio and video elements to local story packages. I had to do a weekly video about one of my columns, but that got killed. Electronic releases save time and paper.

Blogs and the internet in general are the most important research tools I have.

Although I belong to several social networking communities, I never use them for work-related research. Many use/follow Twitter feeds, but I don't really bother with those.

i have moved out of assigning editing but when i was email became the standard

It's made life much easier/faster. particularly search engines.

It has increased the speed with which I can receive information.

It 's easier to find varying opinions (positive and negative) regarding subjects, organizations and people using New Media.

Makes it much easier to get my product out.

Makes it easier to report

Social Media

Sometimes Very helpful. Particularly it provides up dates on the front of ethnic media.


It has made it much easier to track down information. Much more is available out there to help formulate questions and to provide background when writing.

It makes researching a story a snap. We use facebook and myspace, now, more than ever to investigate people and stories

It is rapidly enhancing how we research.

I am able to tell parts of the story that did not get into the story on the blog and direct readers to interesting resources I have found.


It's made my job a heck of a lot easier - especially when it comes to doing research!

It can make researching must faster

faster and easier to acquire information; easier to organize; less paper to deal with

I get better information to include in my stories. Response time is better.

It has become an extension of our reporting.

It's integral as it saves me tons of time.

More efficient

Very helpful

Video feeds allow me to "witness" events that I cannot attend in person. New media sources pose additional information portals that may form the basis for a column.

New Media has made my job easier, and I appreciate that.

I work in new media, so I'm biased, but it's mainly all I use. Sometimes CNN or wikipedia to verify.

It's been extremely helpful.


a little more stressful and time consuming


Minor. I routinely check it because of its growing usage, but I have found it to be mostly garbage and disappointing and a waste of time.

None yet

Little. We are a small community weekly paper.

Very little at this point, but expect that to change as I learn how to more effectively use new media

Right now, not much, but i forsee it becoming more important over the next year.


I don't know who New Media is or what they send me. If it's unrelated to local Jewish news, however, I'm probably not interested




Not a whole lot, directly. Indirectly, we're competing with new digital online media and turn some of our news/features info into online media too.

I use it when I have to; otherwise, not much.

Raised my anxiety level + frustration level as PRs often direct me to a site rather than just spoon-feed the who-what-where-when-why that I need


Simplified some things, but also made it easier to get some things wrong or to avoid talking to people, which isn't so good.

Makes it both easier and more complicated. More information is out there -- but there may not be time to pursue all of the avenues. I don't like audio and video because it's hard to load on my antique newsroom computer and it takes too long to watch and listen to.

More material available when I want it, but can require more time to sort through ... sometime a lot of of information is provided that is not relevant to my readership; it's helpful if the person sending information knows where they're sending it instead of just sending information en masse and hoping some publication will take an interest

Web searches and information received via email have made finding information easier, however, it also has increased the amount of information, which can make it difficult to find the right/best information.

Makes things easier in some respects, then harder ... I think it makes a good journalist do a better job (not helps him do a better job,"makes" him do a better job; i.e., checking the research) ... too often opinion gets mistaken for fact ... witness the last election.