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Power Lines Forward
  Spring 2009     News, tidbits and thoughts on improving electronic communications
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Welcome to another issue of Power Lines. This issue is devoted to the idea of conversations. First, we’ll reveal some information on conversations we’ve been having with journalists, editors, producers and bloggers. We’ll share some thoughts on 10 ways social media and the shift to digital news are changing how people communicate along with 10 tips for plugging yourself into the conversation. We’ll show our recent slidecast with tactical tips for improving the success of your next New Media Release, spell out our thoughts on white-labeling and ask our current clients to take a 5 minute survey.

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Virtual Roundtable: Conversations with the Media

In our on-going effort to make sure the projects we undertake on behalf of our clients are welcomed and appreciated by journalists, editors, producers and bloggers, we continue to talk to members of the media about their needs and preferences (and update our products accordingly). This quarter, we’ll be talking to various members of the media and posting a recap of each short interview on our blog weekly. To read more about what we’re asking them and get the flavor of what they’re saying so far, click here.

10 Ways Social Media and the Shift to Digital News are Changing How People Communicate

quotesYou’ve all heard about Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook and many of you probably enjoy sharing what you had for lunch, playing Scrabble with your old high school friends, or cooing over your cousin’s new baby. You may read, and comment, on blogs or on-line magazines over your morning coffee, perhaps you’re even reading about the last newspaper dying or going digital—or even getting that tale in slideshow format! (We’re fans of social media and the blogosphere ourselves—join us on Facebook or Twitter and visit our blog here.)

As users, it can be easy to forget how social media, and the shift to digital news, has changed the way PR and marketing professionals, organizations, media outlets and consumers communicate. But plugging yourself, your organization, and your clients into the conversation is more important than ever! The world of slow moving, top down, one-directional, communications has faded.  In its place is a fast-paced, topsy-turvy world where authority bubbles up from many directions and conversations abound. Click here for 10 ways communication has changed.

10 Tips for Plugging Yourself into the Conversation

networkingThe new media world can simply be viewed as a world where conversations are enabled—conversations between new people, across any distance, at any time, with thought-leaders new and old, between and within multiple interest groups, and through new and innovative technologies that engage our minds, ears, eyes (and who knows, next it could be noses!). The conversation is happening all around you and whether you’re a marketing guru, a PR pro, or small business owner there are multiple ways to plug yourself in!

Check out our list of 10 things we would suggest you consider in order to plug yourself, your organization and your clients into the here.

Take the PWR Tactical Tips Quiz

At PWR, we distribute New Media Releases on behalf of our clients every day. We have a good feel for the small things that make the difference, the details that determine whether your NMR stands out from inbox clutter and wows journalists, or simply turns them off and earns a quick delete! With shrinking newsrooms and a growing need for digital content, releases that are well written, well targeted, and full of useful multi-media content make it easy for journalists, and bloggers, to cover a story. Check out our slidecast to learn 10 additional small tips that can help you make your next NMR more effective.

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