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Power Lines Forward
  Fall 2009     News, tidbits and thoughts on improving electronic communications
In This Issue...
Welcome to Power Lines. In this issue, we’ll broadcast details from our recent conversations with journalists and bloggers, pass on a few great ways to incorporate video into your PR and marketing efforts, discuss the sociability of email, and share our thoughts on why good email is a lot like a good dinner party!
Listen Up! Its PWRs Virtual Roundtable with the Media
Virtual RoundtableEver wonder what journalists and bloggers think about news releases, social media and PR tactics? So did we. So, we asked them.

Last quarter, we reported on our interviews with ten journalists and bloggers from a variety of outlets. Our participants came from outlets including Coastal Living Magazine, NPR, Fox News and We asked each of them the seven questions. Click here to listen to podcasts of their responses.
Three Great Ways to Use Video
image On-line video viewership has grown 13% in the past year alone. (We’ve seen a similar growth in the number of journalists who now say they want to access to transferable video, up by 15%). As the web becomes increasingly important in the lives of consumers and the media, savvy PR and marketing professionals are looking for ways to stand out from the pack and make video work for them.

Here are 3 good ways to do just that…
Email: The Savvy Socialite
Every few years, a popular new digital trend comes along--SEO, RSS, Social Media--and poor old email is promptly declared dead. (Fortunately, the rumors of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated as email continues to influence consumers and enjoy an upswing.)

Most recently, the growth of social media has been forecast as the new communications tool, the one that will really put email out of its misery. And indeed, its growth is impressive and, as we’ve said many times before, social media is something most organizations should be incorporating into their communications plans.

But email is still the real socialite at the party, the digital glue that binds our on-line experience together. To read why email is still key, click here.


From Our Blog: Email is Like a Dinner Party
While whipping up a little party recently, I realized that delivering a good email campaign is a bit like throwing a great dinner party: you need to know your audience, design a great menu, use fresh ingredients and serve it all up with appealing plating for mouth-watering success. When you get it right, you can truly improve your relationships and wow your target audience.

I tossed together this little presentation to share my thoughts with you… click here to view.

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