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Office Workers "Gruve" Their Way to Better Health
Company Employees See Significant Drop in Average Blood Pressure and Body Fat Percentage

Minneapolis, MN (November 18, 2008) With today’s rising health insurance costs, companies are looking for innovative ways to improve employee health, lower healthcare costs and increase productivity.  Muve, Inc. (www.Muve.Me) has the solution: the Gruve Solution™.  The goal of the Gruve Solution is to encourage otherwise inactive office workers to get up and move.  Eighteen employees from a large Minneapolis company participated in a 90-day trial of Muve’s product, the Gruve Solution.  During that time, the participants showed significant improvements in their overall health, not only in weight loss but also body fat percentage and blood pressure.  These measurable results help illustrate that the Gruve Solution can help corporate clients and their employees become more healthy and productive, while helping to reduce health care costs.

The Gruve Solution is a completely revolutionary approach to weight management.   Unlike fad diets, the Gruve Solution enables long term success through proven behavior change.  The Gruve Solution is a three part weight management system including a personal Gruve device, the Gruve Online™ website and access to Muvologist™ support.  First, the employee wears a personalized Gruve device on their waist that uses an omnidirectional accelerometer to measure activity intensity and duration while simultaneously tracking calories burnt during the day.  Second, the employee downloads the Gruve device data to Gruve Online.  Gruve Online tracks the employee’s daily progress and offers a patented color-coded tracker giving the employee a visual representation of their progress.  With Gruve Online, tracking activity and calories is simple and logical.  Lastly, the employee can work directly with Muve’s trained health care professionals, Muvologists.  A Muvologist is available onsite to support the employee throughout the entire Gruve™ experience.

The Gruve Solution is based on Mayo Clinic’s research on N.E.A.T (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).  According to Mayo Clinic research, N.E.A.T. is defined as all activity that occurs during a 24 hour period that is not exercise specific activity. This includes the energy expended during daily activities such as sitting, standing, walking, talking, and fidgeting.  The key to improved health and weight management is to proactively increase N.E.A.T.  That is what the Gruve Solution helps employees do.

The Gruve Solution has been chosen by numerous companies because of its scientifically-based approach, developed in cooperation with Mayo Clinic.  Senior management has embraced the Gruve Solution because of its measurable results that can be tracked back to ROI.

Eighteen employees (14 women and 4 men) with an average weight of 188 lbs. began the Gruve Solution in early June, 2008. Each of the chosen individuals had typical office positions where sedentary behavior and inactivity was the norm.

The goal of the program was to motivate these employees to reduce their sedentary behavior at work and at home, leading to improvements in overall health.

The results were incredible.  After a trial period of 90 days, Gruve Online tracking showed that sedentary behavior was reduced and non-exercise activities such as walking and taking the stairs had increased significantly.  At the beginning of the program, participants had only 2.64 hours/day of non-exercise activity during their waking hours.  By the end of the trial period, participants had increased their non-exercise activity to an average of 6.24 hours/day during their waking hours.  In addition, 13 of the participants either maintained or lost weight.

While weight is an important measure of a person’s health, other biometrics are also key.  The average percentage of body fat went down from 36.9% to 34.2% and average percentage of lean body mass went up from 63.1% to 65.8%.

Employees also experienced a significant positive shift in blood pressure readings.   At the beginning of the program, only 11% of participants were in the healthy range for Systolic blood pressure and 44% were in the healthy range for Diastolic blood pressure.  Again, at the end of the 90 days, the results were incredible; 78% were in the healthy range for Systolic blood pressure and 72% were in the healthy range for Diastolic blood pressure.

Participants also reported personal improvements in energy levels, physical condition, nutrition, work performance and concentration.

“This is just one example of how the Gruve Solution is working for companies,” said Tom Hudson, CEO of Muve, Inc.  “More and more employers are recognizing the short and long term benefits of Gruve, from weight loss to overall productivity increases.  We are always excited to see Gruve put to the test.”


About Muve, Inc.
Muve was founded in 2007 to design, develop and deliver new tools and technology for weight management in cooperation with Mayo Clinic. Muve's goal is to reverse the obesity epidemic in the United States and globally. Muve's mission is to deliver scalable, broadly available activity-based weight management solutions. Muve provides the tools, technology and coaching services to help individuals lose weight. The company's weight management solutions have been proven successful through extensive research and real-world trials. For more information, go to www.Muve.Me.



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