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  Spring 2007     News, tidbits and thoughts on improving electronic communications www.pwrnewmedia.com

Welcome to Power Lines

We have some great news and informative articles in this issue. We’re excited to share news about some internal upgrades and improved capabilities; we have gathered some data on how your email looks in various email clients and why it matters; and, we will share some tips on creating exceptional e-newsletters. In addition, we will respond to a question about CAN SPAM and electronic press kits, tell you about a client success story and suggest a great Bulldog Reporter article for the reading enjoyment of our many PR clients.

If you would like to share any thoughts, questions or ideas please email us anytime—we’re always happy to hear from you. Happy reading!

PWR is Upgrading!

Did you know that 20-25% of emails don’t make it to the inbox?1 At PWR, our average delivery rate is much higher than the industry average—90% of our email gets to the inbox. However, we believe there is still room for improvement. That’s why we’re initiating a series of upgrades throughout the month of May. In addition to improving our deliverability rate—and thus delivering better results to our clients—our upgrades will add some cutting-edge capabilities and reporting options. Here are a few things you might want to know about our new capabilities... Check out our cool stuff.

Rendering: View from an Inbox (and Why it Matters)

Recently, someone was talking to me about how terrific their developer was and how great their emails look. I get their emails. The truth is, their developer may be dynamite but their emails are not. The individual was very surprised to find out exactly what their email looked like in my inbox.  In order to see any aspect of their email, I had to click four links to retrieve it. Due to lack of internal infrastructure, this person had no way of knowing this. Unfortunately for her, email users spend only 3-4 seconds deciding whether to “open” or “delete” and recent research suggests that 16% of email recipients report forming negative opinions about a company due to bad emails.2 Moreover, improperly rendered messages are many times more likely to cause spam complaints.3

Do you know what your recipients see when they get your email in their inbox? Come and find out.

5 Tips for Successful E-newsletters

Millions of people a day sign up to receive e-newsletters. Indeed, e-newsletters are one of the fastest growing aspects of e-marketing. In part, this is because e-newsletters allow subscribers to access information they're looking for and maintain relationships with brands they're interested in.

If you’re considering improving or instituting an e-newsletter, here are a few tips for creating optimum success... Get the tips here.

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