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October 2011


Time for an Email Distribution Checklist: A PWR Infographic

The phone is ringing, clients are getting anxious, you have a dozen other projects waiting for your attention. But taking time to make sure your email is in tip-top shape before you hit that send button is essential. We send emails everyday and we can tell you (confession time!), how important the testing process is to catching mistakes.  To help you think through the main issues, and avoid common pitfalls, we’ve put together this handy infographic. Click here to download a pdf. Or, click here to share on your favorite social network.



If you're using QR codes, make sure the landing page that the scan leads to is optimized for mobile viewing. It should have a simple and clear call to action and include information on how to easily get in touch or follow your brand.

QR codes got you stumped?
According to a recent survey, about 14 million American scanned a QR code with their smart phone in June 2011. We’ve used them on client business cards and other print projects but ideas ranging from menus to in-store-display to subway billboards have been tried, leading to various
levels of success.

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Check out this recent website we created for SkyyGreens.

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