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PTA NEWS December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays from National PTA’s Media Watch!

National PTA Reacts to Appointment of Secretary of Education

National PTA reacted immediately to the news about President-elect Barack Obama naming Arne Duncan, chief executive officer of Chicago Public Schools, as his Secretary of Education. In fact, the media relations team worked with the Washington Post on an article weeks before the news broke.

National PTA President Jan Harp Domene also issued a statement that can be viewed at

Additionally, direct results from media relations activities included interviews with the National PTA President the morning of the breaking news with the following media outlets: CBS Radio, The Christian Science Monitor, The Wall Street Journal

Sky Radio
PTA NEWSWIRE – Parent involvement is flying high… literally! National PTA Chief Executive Officer Byron Garrett is featured on Sky Radio-- an American Airlines in-flight audio program. The interview is part of PTA’s Gateway Ad Campaign and will begin airing this month into January. Click here to listen.


NBC 17
PTA NEWSWIRE – A visit to a local PTA school in North Carolina by National PTA President-elect Chuck Saylors resulted in positive TV news coverage.  The visit was to recognize Wildwood Forest PTA for as one of only 22 schools nationwide to receive a National PTA Healthy Lifestyles Grant.  View the TV news package here.

National PTA participated in dozens of TV and radio interviews across the country recently to help inform parents about the importance of influenza vaccinations.  National PTA Chief Executive Officer Byron Garrett participated in the interviews as part of PTA’s “Let’s Fight Flu Together” Campaign, in partnership with Novartis Vaccines and Flu Busters.  View one of the TV news interviews here.

The Boston Globe
PTA NEWSWIRE – The importance of male involvement continues to be a hot topic for news outlets across the country.  National PTA President-Elect Chuck Saylors participated in an interview on the topic with the Boston Globe.  View the article here.
PTA NEWSWIRE – What are the best teacher gifts for the holidays?  The Prince George’s County Gazette looked to National PTA’s insight to answer that question and reference a relatively recent PTA survey of teachers on the subject.  View the article here.

ABC News
PTA NEWSWIRE – National PTA provided an expert perspective on a growing trend where school districts eliminate policies that allow children to be given failing marks. View the article here.

Comcast Newsmakers
PTA NEWSWIRE – National PTA Chief Executive Officer Byron Garrett participated in a one-on-one interview about the future and vision of PTA on Comcast Newsmakers— a news program that features elected officials and organization leaders across Chicagoland. Newsmakers airs at :24 and :54 minutes past the hour on CNN Headline News.  His interview will air dozens of times throughout December and January beginning next week. View schedule here.