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5 Innovative Ways to Add Web Content to Your Next New Media Release

While PR professionals are driven to maximize their brand’s on-line presence, journalists and bloggers are on the lookout for interesting web content to add to blogs and other sites. So how can you make the most of the opportunity this dynamic creates?

Here are a few ways to add interesting digital content to future New Media Releases that can be easily grabbed and added to sites, motivating more and better web coverage.

View a Sprout Mini-site

View a Sprout Mini-site in a New Media Release

View how a Sprout is picked up in sites

  1. SPROUT:  These mini-sites are a great way to capture attention and enable bloggers (and journalists with web responsibilities) to easily grab the embed code and feature the sprout on their sites. Sprouts have live content so that changes made to the master file apply anywhere your sprout appears making it easy for you to add, change or delete content.

  2. SLIDESHARE: Do you have a PowerPoint presentation that is relevant to your release? Slideshare is an easy way to load it up and deliver a digital file, easily dropped into a New Media Release, directly to your target audience. Journalists and bloggers can effortlessly load them up to their own sites to display your content.

  3. BLOG: Adding a blog component to a New Media Release is a great way to interact with journalists and bloggers in a transparent forum. In addition, blogs are easily optimized so can enhance the on-line ranking of your release on search engines (a noble goal but, in our opinion, often over sold by traditional wire services given the competiveness of the space). Adding a blog is not for the faint of heart, but if you are adventurous and comfortable with the rules of the blogosphere it can be an innovative way to increase your on-line visibility.

  4. SLIDESHOW: The ability to download images is key for traditional journalists and we still believe that an image gallery where recipients can view and/or download print quality images is one of the great benefits of New Media Releases. But for digital content, a slideshow offers a more dynamic display and delivers interesting web content. Rather than picking a certain image, journalists and bloggers can grab the entire album and add to their site so readers can view your entire photo display in a single screen. Photobucket and Flickr are two providers of this service.

  5. VIDEO & AUDIO: Adding video and audio is nothing new. We’ve been promoting multi-media components for years. But increasingly, we see broadcast elements—previously limited to use by broadcast outlets—used by print publications, on-line sites and magazines and blogs as attention-grabbing web content. Be sure to include an easily accessible embed code so recipients can load your video/audio onto their site hassle free.

PWR can help you add web content such as Sprouts, blogs or video to your next New Media Release. We enjoy strategizing with our clients so get in touch anytime to discuss how to maximize on-line exposure with your next release.