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Rachel Lukawski

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“Wealth doesn’t come from managing your money.  Wealth comes from managing your emotions behind money.” – Julie Murphy Casserly, author of The Emotion Behind Money: Building Wealth from the Inside Out.

The Emotion Behind Money
is the notion that we each have specific emotions, or emotional patterns, attached to money and these emotions impact every financial decision you face. They are responsible for how you earn, spend and save money – or, conversely, accumulate debt.  Amazingly, these thoughts are not just fleeting reactions; they actually influence how much money you’ll make and amass throughout your entire life!

The narrative is personal and compelling, as Julie draws on her own relationship to money, which had its roots in her upbringing as one of 12 children, and her parental attitudes that money was in short supply and hard to come by.   The book is also filled with relatable anecdotes based on the wide variety of individuals and couples with whom she’s worked over the past decade and worksheets to help readers navigate their own financial roadmap. 

The Emotion Behind Money
is designed to be helpful –some early readers have said "life-changing" –for people of all ages and financial status.  It helps you move past preconceived notions about money and set new goals that will allow you to think positively about your finances and live the life you deserve and desire.





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